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لسانی تشکیلات اور تمثال کاری کی تحریک: اشتراک و اختلاف کی کہانی

  • Dr. Muhammad Imran Azfar/
  • December 31, 2022
Linguistic Formations & Symbolic Movement: A Story of Convergence & Discord
Urdu Poetry, Linguistic Formations, Symbolic movements, Literary movements, Critical approach, Philosophical circle, Real Life.

“Lisani Tashkeelati Tehreek” was a prominent literary activity, which was presented by Iftekhar Jalib and other writers in early 60's. The common perception is that “Lisani Tashkeelati Tehreek” was adopted from imagist movement of Ezra pound and his friend poet’s. Imagist movement was presented in 1908 by Ezra. In this movement he claims new poetic language for modern life cycle continuing in Britain and Europe. Ezra asks English poet to avoid romantic poetry and create images of his real life. In Urdu “Lisani Tashkeelati Tehreek” claims that poetic language presented by Urdu poets is worth less. It can't create the real pictures of modern life that's why Iftekhar Jalib says that new Urdu poet should use new words, new images and brutal death pictures in his poetry. These two literary movements are different, but imagism produced some good literature in the form of poetry, but Iftekhar and his friends couldn't. This article argues about the theory of these two and try to present the real picture of both. It can help to know about the different poetical movements presented in Urdu poetry in last 50 years.


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Lecturer (Urdu), University of Sargodha.




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Published December 31, 2022


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