Matan, Department of Urdu & Iqbaliat, The Islamia University - Bahawalpur

متن (اردو ریسرچ جرنل)

Department of Urdu, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
ISSN (print): 2708-5724
ISSN (online): 2708-5732

Publishing Policy

·        Matn (متن) is published for two times in a year. Its first issue comes in June and second in December.

·       Fifteen (15) research papers are published in one issue. This obligation has been adopted as per HEC Pakistan guidelines for research journals.

·       Author(s) is/are not allowed to submit his/their research paper to any other journal if once submitted to Matn (متن) till the time he/they receive(s) any regret notice.

·       Fresh Papers are queued and will be treated chronically. However, if any paper has been marked as extraordinary work or very notable by the reviewer, that can be considered preferably.

·    Papers appear at home page of the Matn (متن) under editor's choice will be selected after the considerations and comments of the reviewers and may be supposed remarkable.

·       Papers, not written/composed as per the guidelines for authors given at Matn (متن) website, will not be entertained for further process.

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