Matan, Department of Urdu & Iqbaliat, The Islamia University - Bahawalpur

متْن (اردو ریسرچ جرنل)

Department of Urdu, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
ISSN (print): 2708-5724
ISSN (online): 2708-5732


Matan (متْن) is an open access refereed biannually research journal of the Department of Urdu, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur (Pakistan). It follows the SOPs given by the Higher Education Commission Islamabad for the research journals of the discipline of humanities. Its Advisory Board is consisted upon eminent national and international Urdu scholars. The Journal focuses the literary research and modern trends of criticism in the subject of Urdu Language and Literature but regards the classical tradition of Urdu poetry and fiction too. Research papers which address the links between Urdu and other languages and their literature are also considered for publishing in this journal. The Journal strives to publish work of high quality in research and literature works across the globe in Urdu language and literary theory to provide high quality research material in Urdu for scholars and researchers.