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متْن (اردو ریسرچ جرنل)

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In the study of Postmodern Discourse, French sociologist, Baudrillard discovered hyper-reality in the system of signs and symbols associated with language. In hyper-reality desired reality is created against the actual reality. It is a system that is influenced by symbols, metaphors, models, machines, maps, images, cyber worlds and information system. This system is so powerful that it can mould the fiction into reality. Novelty of Sayed Muhammad Ashraf's novel “Numbardar Ka Nila” is based on hyper-reality. In this novel Numbardar is the symbol of powerful class, those who demonstrate power and all the institutions that make and enforce the law seem to play the role of facilitator for them. By using his powers, Numbardar is skilled enough to mould the reality as he desires to maintain the existence of his colonialism. Novel is based on hyper-realities.




Chairman Department of Urdu, Bahaud din Zakariya University, Multan.




Type: Article
Volume: 3
Issue: 2
Language: Urdu
Id: 63b07b0a6d3fc
Pages 231 - 249
Published December 31, 2022


MATAN (متْن), Department of Urdu, IUB.
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