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اصول علم الاشتقاق اور فرہنگِ ہوبسن جوبسن: تنقیدی و تجزیاتی مطالعہ

  • Dr. Maria Termezi/
  • June 30, 2024
A critical and analytical study of principles of etymology and glossary of Hobson Jobson
Hobson Jobson, Henry Yule, Historical Linguistic Etymology, Yokov Malkiel, Bo svensen, Geyan Chand jain.

Glossary of Hobson Jobson is a remarkable work of sir Henry Yule and Arthur Crooke Burnell. It was firstly published in 1886 from London. Although this glossary is published at the end of nineteenth century when most of glossaries and dictionaries were already published but from the incentive of its compilation to the text of glossary it is an important piece of research. This glossary content describes socio political situation of nineteenth century but most prominent feature of it is of etymological information of Anglo-Indian words and phrases. Etymology is the study of the origins of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout the history. Author worked hard to find the etymology of entries, for these four ways (Philology, Dialectology, Comparative method, Semantic change) of etymology are used in glossary. Etymologists and linguistic experts defined some principles of etymological research as well. Except few of them glossary followed all the principles defined by experts; this article is a critical analysis of etymological principles followed in Hobson Jobson. These principles are derived from the work of English and Urdu linguistic experts.


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Islamic International University, Islamabad.




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Published June 30, 2024


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