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  • Kashif ur Rehman Shah/
  • June 30, 2023
Women’s Plight in Kishwar Naheed’s Poetry
Urdu Poetry, Kishwar Naheed, Women's Plight, Feminist, Feminism, Third World

Kishwar Naheed is a renowned Pakistani radical feminist poetess, who is famous for portraying women living in the male dominated society in her poetry. She speaks about the issues of oppressed women through her poetry. As a woman, she is aware of the cruelty of society. She paints the portrait of women in such a manner as imparts courage in women and make them bold enough to look around them with their own eyes and to shatter the fetters of social, artificial and unwholesome double standard and conventions, which lay down different standards of men and women. She rejects those artificial standards which are employed in judging women. She desires to liberate women and construct a world of femineity. Naheed is one of those influential Pakistani writers, who fought for the emancipation of women. She gives strong voice and wings to speak against the sufferings, sorrows and miseries of the women of third world. Women’s Plight has been a topic of constant debate in global literature. Kishwar Naheed’s poetry has depicted such issues on a grand scale. Her feminist point of view sheds new light to this subject. Naheed, in her poetry has underlined issues related to domestic violence, lack of consent and forced marriages. This article will cover all these aspects.



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